Here’s To Series

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Set in Wakefield, MA (a real town with a fake layout in my novels), these characters explore life, love, heartache, and friendships that run deep. They have sharp tongues, realistic drama, and speak/think like real people. Because that’s what they are to me. They love one another fiercely—and it shows.

This series will span 4 novels and 1 novella. The main characters of each novel will be Rae, Maura, Gaige, and Perry. It’s easy to find out who ends up with whom, but I refuse to give out that info here. 😉

Here’s to Tomorrow, Here’s to Yesterday, Here’s to Forever: A Novella, and Here’s to Now are now available exclusively on Amazon for the time being.

Want to learn some fun facts about my writing process or the characters themselves? Check out my Extras page!


Family Trees

Rae Kamden → Ted (father) → Haley (sister) → Perry (cousin)
Maura Doughers → Norah & John (parents) → Kassi Garrett (aunt)
Perry Hartman → Walker Hartman → Tessa Hartman → Rae (cousin)
Hudson Tamell → Joey (daughter) → Eleanor/Elle (mother) → Rocky (father, d)
Tucker Bentley → Joanna & Aaron (parents) → Tanner (brother) → Gary (father)
Gaige Addams → Haley Kamden
Dallas (Dall) Montgomery → Unknown

Significant Side Characters

(makes an appearance in more than one book)
Benny → Bartender at Clyde’s
Horton → Previous owner of Jacked Up (d)
Clarissa → Waitress at Clyde’s, will play a bigger role later on
Jane → Owner of Jane’s on Main, a sanctuary for Rae and Maura

d – knowingly deceased