Wanna know some neat facts about Here’s to Tomorrow?
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  1. Hudson’s name was inspired by Finn Hudson from Glee. That’s right, I’m a Gleek. Finn was my favorite character on the show, so as a tribute to him and Cory, I named my first hero after him.
  2. I only listened to Transit the entire time writing the book. My favorite song by them is Skipping Stone. I even have a tattoo from it.
  3. When Haley talks about turning noodles into paste? Yeah, that happened. It may or may not have been me that did that. (Spoiler alert: It was.)
  4. My Husband has a few shout outs in the book. One is his name, Henry. Maura calls Hudson that twice to mess with Rae. Remember that cute little line Hudson says to Joey before bed? Yeah, my husband tells me that every night. We’re so cute it’s sick.
  5. Uncle Walker’s name comes from one of my best friends, Jamie Walker.
  6. Gaige’s name was originally Mitch and I’m so, so glad I changed it.
  7. Tanner’s name was originally Ty. I found out another book had a Ty and a Tucker in it so I had to change it. I ended up liking Tanner much more.
  8. Maura is based off of my best friend, Bonnie.
  9. I wasn’t friends with Bonnie yet when I started writing the book the first time. Oddly enough, her middle name just happens to be Rae.
  10. I finished writing the book on 12/21/2014.
  11. The town the book is based in is real. The set-up nor the stores/restaurants are real but the name is. I’ve never actually been there or Boston.
  12. The lake, Lake Quannapowitt, that Rae goes to at night when she can’t sleep is real as well.
  13. The opening line of that book has always been what it is. The single sentence is what inspired Rae’s entire personality.


Wanna know some neat facts about Here’s to Yesterday?
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  1. I restarted this book…twice.
  2. I wrote the prologue immediately after finishing Here’s to Tomorrow.
  3. Unlike Here’s to Tomorrow, I did not listen to only one band while writing. However, I did start off listening to Mayday Parade for two weeks straight.
  4. Maura is loosely based off my best friend Bonnie Rae.
  5. My favorite line of the book comes from Gaige.
  6. I secretly love this book more than Here’s to Tomorrow.
  7. My beta readers fought over a certain character in the book. Any guesses?
  8. This has been planned since the beginning of the series. Maura has always been who she becomes in this book and her love life was always supposed to end this way.
  9. Many of the funny lines are things that have come straight from my husband’s mouth—including “his” response to the first line of the book.
  10. August 19th, the release date, is my husband’s birthday.


Wanna know some neat facts about Here’s to Forever?
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  1. Even though I love Rae and Hudson, Gaige was my favorite in this one.
  2. This was in the works for some time.
  3. I love how Hudson references their New Year’s eve at their wedding.
  4. I wanted to smack them both. Several times, actually.
  5. One of my favorite scenes is the first one with Rae and Hudson in the kitchen.


Wanna know something else that’s really neat?
Up next is Here’s to Now, Gaige’s story. Finally.


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