2 Years

Today marks two years since I published my first novel, Here’s to Tomorrow.

On one hand I can’t believe it. On the other, I can. These last two years have flown by at the same pace they’ve crawled. Makes no sense, I know. But it’s true.

I’ve learned so much since I first hit publish, made countless friends, and met a few readers. I’ve published 2 full-length novels, a novella, and I’m getting  ready to publish another novella on February 16th. 5 books. That’s four more than I had two years ago, and I can’t believe it.

I feel like I’ve been so blessed these last two years and it’s because of you, the reader. You’re what has kept me going. Your support and words of encouragement, every time you give me a shout-out or tell me to shut up about Supernatural. All of it. I’m still here because of you. So, thank you. Thanks for taking a chance on me and for taking this insane journey with me. There’s no one else I’d rather take it with.

I see you. ❤


P.S. I haven’t mentioned this anywhere yet, but I plan to rehaul the cover for Here’s to Tomorrow and have it re-edited and republish it sometime this year. I’m almost certain I’ll be adding some bonus content as well. 😉


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