What Happens Next?

After I finish a novel, this includes self edits, I usually take some time off between then and the release. I try to decompress from that story before I properly begin another. (I say properly because I did write the prologue to Here’s to Now the moment I finished Here’s to Yesterday. But it wasn’t really me writing, ya know?)

This time, I didn’t do that. I had a celebratory dinner, worked, and then… Yesterday I started a new book. I believe it’s going to be a novella, but that could easily change. The characters are younger than I’ve had before, but it’s still a New Adult novel. It’s not directly related to the Here’s To series, but it is set in Wakefield, MA. AND, you’ve kind of (like, this is an extremely small kind of) already met the hero. (He works at Vern’s Diner…think Here’s to Yesterday.)

Anyway, this is something new for me. New characters, new dialogues, new…everything. Almost. And I’m terribly excited about it. I don’t have a blurb and I won’t give out any information regarding the plot, but I will give you the main characters names.

Carsen Wheatley and Elliott Mathers

I’m just over 3k into it, but I already love Elliott. She’s fun, spunky, and a little wild. Carsen is not. Not even a little bit, and with good reason. But that’s all I’m going to say. I’m *hoping* to release this early next year, so away I go to write a little bit.

Have a good week!

P.S. The release date for Gaige? 11/11.


❤ TH

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