Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Fall!

It’s Labor Day, the day dubbed as the “End of Summer.” And I’m okay with that.

Did you know Autumn is my FAVORITE time of year? Outside it’s gorgeous and the temperatures drop to those levels where it’s. Just. Right. Everything feels amazing against your skin. Fresh and new. The smell of bonfires and pumpkin spice and that special scent Fall has permeates. Fall is intoxicating to me. It’s always been the one time of year I look forward to the most.

Another reason? I love Halloween. A lot. The colors, the creepiness, the fun scares, the costumes. All of it. I’ve always lived out in the middle of nowhere where kids never rang the bell for candy. But this year? It’s on, and I’m so excited for it! (Strange, I know.)

This is also the time of year I get to watch my absolute favorite movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Some argue it’s a Christmas movie and some argue it’s Halloween. For me, it’s both. And you won’t sway me on that. I also enjoy re-watching The Crow for the millionth time, which is undoubtedly a Halloween movie. However, I refuse to watch any scary movies because I enjoy sleep.

So while everyone is sad to wish away the Summer, I say bring on Fall! Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes, the fresh scents of pies and other goodies. The earthy, cozy smell only Fall has. The hoodies and bonfires and early sunsets. I’m beyond ready!

Now, here’s the thing: I live somewhere new for the first time in my life. I’m experiencing Fall in a whole new setting. It makes me a little nervous and I think for the first time I may miss “home,” but I’m optimistic North Carolina won’t disappoint. As long as it rains so I can curl up on my chaise lounge with a cup of coffee and a good book while I play sad music in the background, I’m sold.

Okay, that’s all I have for this week. I love Labor Day because it means Summer is out and Fall is in, even though we still technically have 17 days of Summer left. Whatever. It’s Fall to me.

I’m headed to the beach today to soak up some fun with the sMother before she heads back home tomorrow. Enjoy your day off!

❤ TH

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