This is two weeks in a row I’ve done a blog post. I have officially set a new record.

*mic drop*

CURRENT READ: The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian
GENRE: Young Adult
PROGRESS: 60/419
THOUGHTS SO FAR: I dig Keeley.

Other than writing, working, and reading, I’ve spent most of the week at home with my pup Lucian. My husband, who as you all know is an active duty Marine, has these weird shifts where he’s gone a lot one week and home more often the next. This was a “gone a lot” week. Don’t worry, we’ve still had enough time together to catch Pokemon and continue our billionth re-watch of SPN (we’re on season 5, episode 11).

I realized yesterday that Friday will be the 1 year anniversary for Here’s to Yesterday. One. Year. Already! How is that even possible? I feel like it was just yesterday (ha, get it?!) I released Maura into the world. I love her. Have I told you that before? Love. Her. Her story is my favorite so far. It’s so…sad. Yet beautiful. And real. That book had a lot of my favorite scenes in it too. A few phrases, even the response to the opening line, came straight from my husband’s mouth. I think I may write him into my characters just a touch too much. #noregrets

Did I tell you guys I have a reader group on Facebook? It’s fun! I try to stay active in there and post exclusive content (they even got a glimpse of the cover for Here’s to Now), so it’s definitely a place you want to be.

Oh! Does anyone watch The Fosters? I recently started it and I’m a little addicted. It’s so cheesy sometimes and the acting isn’t the greatest, but damn do I love it. Lena and Stef are amazing parents, and oddly enough I already have a story planned out with similar parents. (It’ll be down the line a bit. I think.)

Okay, that’s all I have. Today is my birthday and I’m going to go eat some cake for breakfast.

❤ TH

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