New Things & Stuff!

Notice anything different? Anything at all? Like maybe a new logo? Or maybe even a fancy new tab on my nav bar?

Whatcha think of the new logo? Super cute, huh?! I was wanting something fun and fresh and after many (many!) hours of looking around, I came up with this. I mixed the old in with the new and I LOVE it!

That fancy new tab? Yep. You’re reading it right. I have a newsletter!
(Technically it’s just a sign-up for now since I haven’t actually sent one out yet…but I have one!)

My newsletter is going to be FUN so you’re reallllyyy not going to want to miss it. I’ll have a monthly giveaway exclusive to subscribers, exclusive excerpts and teasers, cover/blurb reveals before anyone else, free cats (or just maybe cat pictures), and I’m even starting this new Teagan Tidbits thingy where I get all kinds of personal (kind of).

So, sign-up today. Oh, and I promise not to sell or giveaway your email to anyone.
Ever. Not even for $1,000,000*.
(We’ll talk about $1,000,001 though.)

NewsletterFirst newsletter will go live September 5th.


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