One Week

So…Here’s to Tomorrow has officially been out for one week (and one day). I’ve had some great feedback, some so-so feedback, and some not so great feedback. And I’ve loved all of it so far. Yes, even the negative feedback. It’s been very helpful in moving forward with this “series.”

A common criticism I’ve been getting is “slow” or “no conflict” within in the story. And that’s okay. Promise. I know this story isn’t going to be for everyone.

When I set out to write Here’s to Tomorrow, I knew exactly who Hudson and Rae were. Their personalities screamed at me from day one. They had their issues in their pasts, but they were okay to leave the there (mostly) and keep going on with their day to day lives. They are both strong people. They persevere. Neither one of them let anything hold them back…not even their pasts. I wanted to write a book about two people that acknowledge that life is shit sometimes and go from there with minor setbacks.

So is there a lot of conflict in Here’s to Tomorrow? No, not really. Why? Because neither Rae nor Hudson are the type of people to hold on to stuff. They let it roll. They move on. They don’t argue over petty things. They realize they want something and they go for it.  They just flow.

And that’s what I wanted to share with the world. People that love each other and just leave it at that.

Because sometimes love can be that easy.

What about the next book (Maura’s story)? Is there going to be more conflict in it? Well, that’s gonna be whole different kind of story. Maura has some serious issues. She may come off as strong, but she’s been knocked down her whole life by her parents. That’s never good. There’s gonna be a lot of angst in this book. Some of it because of Maura’s past and some of  it because of Tanner (military relationships can suck sometimes). So, if Here’s to Tomorrow wasn’t really for you because it lacked conflict, I encourage you to give Here’s to Yesterday a chance. There’s gonna be lots of angst in it!


Thanks for a great release week! Your support is appreciated more than you know. ❤


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