It’s LIVE!

We’re LIVE!

I’m extremely proud of myself because I haven’t freaked out once today. Granted I did just wake up two hours ago. (I work from home so no judging!)

I’m still waiting on B&N and iBooks to go live. I’ll update those links as soon as it’s available on those platforms!


Designed by Megan at The Killion Group, Inc.

A chance meeting… A slip of the tongue… Two lives forever changed…

Rae Kamden has no idea what she wants to do in life. She thinks leaving her small town is the way to go, but after running into car trouble (and the sexiest man she’s ever seen), she begins rethinking everything she thought she wanted out of life.

Hudson Tamell isn’t your typical twenty-four year old. The last seven years haven’t been a cake walk. But after finally getting his life just where he wants it, he meets Rae and her impossibly unfiltered mouth. She’s like no one he’s ever met before, totally throwing him off that carefully paved road. But can she handle his life and all the baggage that comes along with it?

Now the girl who doesn’t really fit into his world is the one person he wants in it…no matter what demons she has.


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 Here’s to Tomorrow is the first book in the Here’s To series. Each book will be about a different couple and can be read as a standalone.


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